Lez doesn't write her blogs on this typewriter but she wishes that she could

Although I’m fairly active in relation to articles in both the shooting press and on social media, I wanted somewhere that I could write about any topic at any time…
And so welcome to my blog page.

Lez doesn't write her blogs on this typewriter but she wishes that she could

A combination of thoughts, articles, musings, videos, and more formal writing and research, I hope you enjoy working your way through the various topics.

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The Advanced Pet Gundog - Award

The Advanced Pet Gundog - Book Award

first published 1 June 2024

This year I received one of the best birthday pressies ever. I logged on to an email announcing that The Advanced Pet Gundog had won the 2024 American Legacy Book Award. more...

The Advanced Pet Gundog - Award

Not You! command...

first published 27 May 2024

A command that I use a lot that you may find valuable with your dog is ‘not you’. It means quite simply that you don’t want your dog to come with you, but he doesn’t have to hold a set position more...

Dog Agression towards postal workers

Why dogs bark at the postman…

first published 21 May 2024

Watching dogs react to the postman is always interesting as it speaks volumes about the relationship that the owner has with their dog. more...

Dog Agression towards postal workers

Operant Conditioning

first published 1 March 2024

There are so many posts on operant conditioning but the one’s that I’ve seen the most of are looking at it from a human perspective rather than from the dogs which, in my mind, can really muddy the waters and lead to confusion and it always seems to document using food, harsh handling and various bits of equipment, however this isn’t always the case. more...

a dog baring its teeth

Should I Stay Or Should I Go

first published 14 February 2024

I was reading a post in a Facebook group yesterday where a woman shared that she was going to euthanise her dog as it was being aggressive. It had bitten her and her husband a few times, both needing hospital treatment, and she had a five month baby in the house. She’d contacted rescue centres but, more...

a dog baring its teeth

Taste, tongue and teeth

first published 7 February 2024

Like us, the dog can taste sweet, salty, sour, and bitter and, like other carnivores (humans excepted), dogs have special receptors for tasting water, which I find particularly interesting as when dogs drink, they use the underside of their tongue, curling it under into a flattish ladle, and then scooping the water into their mouth… one of the reasons why a narrow deep water bowl is better than a wide shallow one – that and it helps prevent the amount of water that ends up on the floor. more...

Emrys scent marking

Posturing and Scent Marking

first published 31 January 2024

I tend to get out and about with the boys a couple of times a day; walking them individually or as a pack, or doing some training with them. When Emrys got to around two and a half I became aware that, while still sharp on the whistle, was starting to range further than I like when he has some free time off lead. more...

Emrys scent marking

Let's Talk Copying and Copyrighting...

first published 30 September 2023

I know I’m not the only person that this is happening to, I’ve seen it over and over again with colleagues getting whole chunks of their website copy lifted and used, as well as videos of trainers dogs being passed off as someone else’s more...

Classical Conditioning

Classical Conditioning

first published 16 September 2023

Classical conditioning is when someone, or something, has an ‘ah-ha moment’ and makes an association between two things that aren't linked, so in Pavlov's dog’s case, a bell and food... more...

Classical Conditioning

Just Messing About In The Water

first published 24 June 2023

I normally introduce dogs to water without any kind of retrieving and just let them pootle around and have a wee play. more...

Lez walking Spud, Dante and Emrys

Just Walking The Dogs

first published 13 June 2023

When the weather heats up get out of bed earlier and walk your dog. If for whatever reason you can’t walk early, walk late… do both... or do neither. more...

Lez walking Spud, Dante and Emrys

Acute Caudal Myopathy (Swim Tail)

first published 22 April 2023

The condition is known as Swim Tail, Swimmers Tail, Cold Water Tail, Limp Tail and Limber Tail, but it’s correct term is Acute Caudal Myopathy and is more often seen in young, adult male working breeds. more...

a dog in a harness walking on a treadmill


first published 18 July 2020

I absolutely love this video by @dutchie.daemon.
Not only does it show the negative impact of harnesses on our dog's gait with tension from the lead, but, most importantly, it also shows it without. more...

a dog in a harness walking on a treadmill

Step Up and be the Leader

first published 1 April 2020

During this time of uncertainty and change, it's easy to get caught up in the 'must do this and must do that' with our dogs, trying to do the latest exercise, latest challenge, be interesting, be exciting and generally 'amuse' our dogs. more...

a chart showing the stages in the Dunning-Kruger effect

APGI training workshop 2019

first published 23 September 2019

Another fabulous day on the APGI training workshop and as well as finishing the presentations for the week, we got to talk about one of Lez's favourite theories - the Dunning-Kruger effect; it's in every profession and in every walk of life and once you're aware of it, you're really aware of it. more...

a chart showing the stages in the Dunning-Kruger effect


first published 31 August 2019

Steadiness is so important for so many reasons; you want to be able to take your eyes off your young dog when he’s in a stay without worrying about him getting up and chasing something, or to take off after a rabbit, or a cat, when you’re walking him. more...

a spaniel relaxing beside its owner

Teach Your Puppy To Do Nothing

first published 23 August 2019

You want your puppy to think that hanging around with you is the best thing in the world; when you’re on the move he wants to be too, when you’re doing nothing he wants to be too. more...

a spaniel relaxing beside its owner

How Learning takes place

first published 10 August 2019

When we do something, nerve cells in the brain, known as neurons are fired up. They talk to each other in a way similar to passing a baton in a relay race, forming a pathway; a neural pathway. Just like passing the baton becomes quicker and more fluid with practice, so too the more an action is repeated the more established the pathway and the quicker and easier the action and reaction, until it eventually becomes an automatic learned response like driving a car or riding a bike for example. more...